Just a thought…..

For reasons I cannot fully understand a feature of our current times keeps intruding on my consciousness more and more often – just how incredibly wealthy the majority of the British population is, recession or no, and how incredibly unconscious most of them are about this fact. Before I get drowned in righteous indignation; yes I know there are sadly far too many people who are really struggling with insufficient income to live decently and often beset with multiple problems. I wish we voted in governments that would persuade us to be more generous with those in real need but that aside, for most, even the moaning most, their economic status has been transformed over the last fifty or so years. We have seen the luxuries of yesterday become the necessities of life. I am not one of those who desires to go back to scraping a survival existence. I just think it would be nice if a few more people moaned a bit less and compared their unparalleled wealth with the lot of most of the rest of the world.

Robert Winston McNaughton


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