Energy in a can!?

The benefits of so-called energy drinks appear to be vastly overstated. As far as I can tell from the seat outside my local store the vast majority of those who drink these canned marvels haven’t the strength when they’ve finished to transport the empty can 10 metres to the nearest litter bin!

Robert Winston McNaughton


Back from the brink of extinction….

There is a sure fire way of reviving the fortunes of rare native species, plants, insects, birds and especially amphibians. Find a piece of land that by topography ought to be where the rare species should reside and apply for planning permission. It’ll do the trick every time.

Robert Winston McNaughton


I have just watched a series of three television programmes about the building of the London Cross-Rail line. Two things could not fail to strike the viewer. Firstly the staggering level of human skill, knowledge, learning and sheer talent displayed from the top project and tasks managers and the design engineers involved and secondly that the vast majority of the specialised heavy equipment employed in the work had been imported from Germany.

That even the top managers and designers who are achieving this engineering miracle are paid, at best, salaries that would hardly amount to a fraction of an investment banker’s average annual bonus which, together with the chronic lack of investment in UK engineering manufacturing, seems to say something (maybe everything) about the twisted set of values that marks our nation’s priorities and keeps us behind other western nations. Britain sadly values making money way above earning it.

Robert Winston McNaughton


Brave Doreen (or whoever) finally lost her battle for life against cancer.’ – Even before my present circumstances became apparent I almost used to scream at this trite sentence; invariably trotted out by newspapers and magazines. The implication of it is quite awful. Poor Doreen (or whoever) would have made it if she’d just fought harder or more cleverly. It’s just the most cheap, insulting epitaph ever coined.

Just a thought…..

For reasons I cannot fully understand a feature of our current times keeps intruding on my consciousness more and more often – just how incredibly wealthy the majority of the British population is, recession or no, and how incredibly unconscious most of them are about this fact. Before I get drowned in righteous indignation; yes I know there are sadly far too many people who are really struggling with insufficient income to live decently and often beset with multiple problems. I wish we voted in governments that would persuade us to be more generous with those in real need but that aside, for most, even the moaning most, their economic status has been transformed over the last fifty or so years. We have seen the luxuries of yesterday become the necessities of life. I am not one of those who desires to go back to scraping a survival existence. I just think it would be nice if a few more people moaned a bit less and compared their unparalleled wealth with the lot of most of the rest of the world.

Robert Winston McNaughton